Complications of CPR

First remember that you can not hurt someone who is already dead. In other words, give it all you’ve got because you only get one chance to save this person.


The victim is most likely going to vomit due to the natural reflex that your body undergoes while shutting down. Our bodies are incredibly designed; when they start to shut down, one of the first things our bodies do is fight to survive. When our bodies fight to survive, one of the first things they do is clear out all of the waste. That’s why the victim will most likely vomit (and maybe urinate, etc). Again, get a barrier… you WILL need it.

When they vomit, turn them on their side IMMEDIATELY and remove the barrier device. When they are finished, turn them back down and continue. Just because they vomit does not mean they have been revived. It simply means your cycle was interrupted and when they are finished you must continue. If you did not have a barrier and wished to stop at this point you are allowed to because you are in fear of your life since you do not know what diseases this person may have.

Breaking ribs and popping cartilage

You may break ribs and it is not a bad thing to do. If you think about it, what is CPR? CPR is where the victims heart has stopped pumping (thus, they have stopped breathing as well), so since there is no oxygen in the blood due to lack of respiration, that “bad oil” if you will is just sitting stagnant in the victims body. CPR happens when a rescuer breaths oxygen into the victim, thus making that “bad oil,” “good oil” and then pumps that “good oil” through the whole entire body.

Now do you think a six foot, four inch, two hundred and fifty pound individual is going to just need a few small little pumps to get their heart going again? No, the rescuer will have to use some force (we will talk about how much later). However, when using the correct amount of force while pumping, the rescuer will most likely break ribs and hear cartilage popping in the victim’s chest. If you hear/feel it, just keep going. If you are compressing on their heart that means their heart is stopped. If their heart is stopped that means they are dead. Can you hurt someone worse than dead? No, but you can help them and even save their life, so just keep going.